Hi friends,

Today, I will introduce to you guys a good blogger, Youtuber, and entrepreneur.

I start an interview series on my blog that is the first interview with Santanu Debnath (founder of bloggingjoy.com).

Guys, you can learn from his experience and get many benefits from that interview.

Ok, I don’t waste time, let’s start-

Q1: Please introduce yourself to Linksblaster readers.

Thank you for inviting me to your amazing blog!

Hello friends, I am Santanu Debnath, a software engineer by profession and a blogger & YouTuber by passion. I love to share my knowledge & experiences about how to start blogging and create a passive income source besides your full-time work.

I share blogging & WordPress related articles on my blog Bloggingjoy.com and also run a Hindi YouTube channel Blogging Gyaan. Besides that, recently I have started a new blog HostingBrowse.com, dedicated to web hosting.

Q2: Why did you start blogging? How did it start?

Well, back in 2007 I started searching for various online money making options. I wanted to find some genuine ways to earn money online so that I can utilize my free time and make some extra income. 

But most of them were only scams. During that process, I discovered the Google AdSense program and gradually got into blogging.

In 2012, my wife Manidipa, and I started blogging seriously and took our first step towards WordPress. From that time till now we have created multiple blogs on various topics.

Q3: Please tell your blogging journey step by step and tell a short story that inspires you.

Well, in short, I have mentioned my blogging journey in the previous question. As a part-time blogger, I used to work for my blogging passion whenever I got some time. But in 2018 December things changed for me. I met Sumit Sao via Facebook and after a long chat with him, I realized the potential of building a network in blogging.

I started my Facebook group and started working with a different mindset. One thing I have realized to date, that I was not that active or not helping others online. So I decided to change everything and took blogging seriously. With the help of my Facebook Group, I have connected with so many amazing bloggers, helped a lot of new bloggers, and also made many good friends.

Q4: What have been the changes in the blogging and SEO industry in the last 5 and the next 5 years?

Things have changed completely in the last few years. Many people have started blogging seriously and that’s why competition is also very high. Regarding SEO, it has also changed a lot but I believe ethical SEO is still the same. Means, still you have to write high-quality content that solves people’s problems. And that’s how blogging should be considered.

Q5: How do you attract new readers to your site? Describe your method that you use for site traffic?

There are various ways through which you can drive traffic to your website. Right now I have an active Facebook Group, YouTube Channels, Social Media Platforms, Quora, and ofcourse organic traffic by ranking for certain keywords.

Q6: If someone starts a blog but fails again, what do they do?

In that case, I would say he/she needs to analyze properly exactly why it failed. It could be a competitive niche, poor content, bad website structure, or bad link building or it might be too early to decide. Need to analyze properly to conclude as generally, it takes time to get traffic to a blog and start earning depending on the niche.

Q7: How to do keyword research, and which tool to use for keyword research?

I don’t depend much on SEO tools. I mostly focus on niche or blog categories. E.g. For my recent startup on Web Hosting niche, I aim to create articles that help beginners to understand how to choose the right hosting and share articles related to common web hosting problems, hosting reviews, etc at one place.

For that, I only collect the problem-related terms that people are searching for without bothering about their search volume and competition. However, I do a lot of competitor research so that I can understand what topics people are searching for online. For that, I use the Ubersuggest tool.

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Q8: What process do you use to write a blog, and what tool have you used?

As mentioned, I don’t depend much on tools. I simply open my Google Docs and start writing. Before writing I always do proper research and collect all the major heading or topics that I want to cover in the main article.

Q9: What to do after publishing the post, please tell my reader in detail?

After publishing any post, you must share it in the right platforms to give your content the needed exposure.

Generally, I share the same with my Facebook group and other social platforms. I also occasionally submit the article on various social bookmarking websites and repurpose the content on other platforms as well.

In case you have mentioned any other blogger’s content on your blog make sure to reach out and inform them about the same. This is the best way to get good exposure to your articles and get referral traffic from different channels.

Q10: When you research keywords, what do you think? Please tell me in detail.

My keyword research always depends upon the blog category or the topic. In the long run, I want to cover almost every single search term related to that topic.

Q11: Describe the most important WordPress plugin that all bloggers have to use.

As a beginner, I found WordPress is the best platform to start blogging. You just need a few plugins to create a complete website. I have created a list of essential WordPress plugins to run a blog smoothly.

Q12: Do you like SEO Tools? And why do you like those devices?

Not much, but I only use them to do competitor research for finding out their topics and backlink strategy.

Q13: How can we continue to learn from you in the future, and how will you guide my readership community and me and keep in touch with you?

I am always available on my Facebook Group and actively help people there. Besides that, the readers can connect me on Instagram as well (@imsantanud).

Q14: Please provide some useful messages for my readers

Thanks again for inviting me and asking so many amazing questions.

I just want to say one thing that blogging needs huge time and dedication. It’s not a quick scheme to earn money. One has to understand how people make money through blogging and how much time they are giving to their blogs.

It’s good to see the success of a blogger, but you must understand the efforts they are giving to reach up to that stage. Just enjoy the process and research as much as you can. Then only you can do something which may be common, but you can narrate that in your style.

All the very best!