How to Start a blog in 2022 from scratch {step by step best guide}

how to start a blog

Hi guys, Do you want to start a blog?


Great, But you first think why you want to start a blog that means you want to earn money or a hobby or help someone.

Suppose your answer is to earn money that’s ok. But this does not give you quickie money. If you think today, start a blog, and after two or three months, you earn a lot of money. That’s not true, and you absolutely fail.

Suppose your answer is to earn money that’s ok. But this does not give you quickie money. If you think today, start a blog, and after two or three months, you earn a lot of money. That’s not true, and you absolutely fail.

If you think first you will give more time for your blog than you think you will earn money, then nobody can fail you. That means you are a successful blogger in future.

Take some example of successful blogger-

I will discuss two successful blogger-

First, I will discuss Pritam Nagrale.

Pritam Nagrale started blogging in 2004, but he is successful in blogging in 2012. 

His journey of blogging inspires everyone who fails one or two times in blogging and works on blogging two or three years and gives up.

You can see  Pritam Nagrale success story and income proof.

Pritam income
Pritam nagrale

You can also see Neil Patel’s income and success story.

So, I hope you are inspired and highly motivated to start a blog. And you decide your goal what you want to achieve from blogging and when you want?

So, I hope you are inspired and highly motivated to start a blog. And you decide your goal what you want to achieve from blogging and when you want?

How much time you give to blogging and how to earn and when to earn? I think you decide.


Let’s discuss how to start a blog step by step.

profitable Niche for blogging

choose profitable niche
Choose a domain name
Choose blog setup plateform
choose good hosting for your blog
how to install wordpress and it's setup as a blog
change your default theme
choose important plugin


How to Start a Blog

Choose your profitable Niche for blogging

That is the first step when you start a blog. But many guys didn’t decide their Niche.

The first question is how to choose a niche?

If you want to become a successful blogger, then you need to choose a profitable and passable niche for your blog. So you write excellent and informational content.

If you have good knowledge and interest in your Niche, then you will be able to differentiate your blog with your competitor blog.

Brainstorm to find your Niche

Follow some process then help you to find the best Niche for you

  • Make a market list around you.
  • Pick one market from your list which you make.
  • Find the sub-market in that market you choose.
  • Pick one sub-market topic which you know more about that market.
  • Find a topic in that sub-market in which you have the knowledge and ensure that topics are profitable and people agree to invest money on that topic.

If you find that type of topic, that is your great Niche.

You want more clearance on how to choose your Niche.

Then check out  How to find a blogging niche.


How to Start a Blog

How to choose a domain name for the blog

When You choose a domain name, then you include keywords on your domain that are good.

Top level domain (TLD) extension is .com, .co and .in(if your target audiences are in India then you can choose .in) and if your target audience is worldwide then you can choose .com and .co that extension is excellent.

A good form of URL

Https:- Hypertext transfer protocol secure 

www:- world wide web

Linksblaster:- Domain name

.com:- Top-level extension


When you choose a domain name, you must carefully and follow Do’s and Don’t


Use your keywords:- you must use your target keyword or niche, which will help you in SEO, and visitors easily understand your niche.

Choose Top-level extension:- When you think about starting a blog, you must choose TLD like .com, .co, .org, etc. That type of extension is not country-specific, so visitors have more performance.

A domain name is short and straightforward:-you must choose your domain name short and simple, which your audience remembers quickly.

Choose perfect domain:- Choose an ideal domain means you choose domain name related to your niche.


Don’t choose a random name:- you don’t select a random name for your domain.

Don’t use numbers in a domain:-This is not a good thing if you include numbers in your domain and are not user friendly.

Domain names are not long and complicated:- If you use a big name and are complicated in a domain so that your audience can not remember, then returning visitors is very less.


How to Start a Blog

Choose the blog setup platform

If you are a beginner and want to set up a new blog, you think to create it first for free then paid.

If right;

Then I told you four popular platforms for blog set up.

1.Wix 3. Blogger 4.

Wix:– If you want to set up your blog, then I told you about Wix. Wix is provided free and paid both plans, but the free plan is only practice, don’t make money from the free plan. 

Paid plans are costly, so I don’t recommend that you don’t set up a mix.– Second platform is; This is not; This is different.

Wix provides free and paid service; this is the same as Wix, which means creating a blog for free on that platform. You Don’t monetize that blog.

Blogger:– This is one of the most popular platforms. Most newbie bloggers start their blogs initially. And monetize with Google Adsense.

You create a blog and learn about blogging; This is an excellent platform for new bloggers.– provides you a website look without your coding knowledge.

If you want to set up a blog with all ownership, then you choose this.

But if you choose this platform, this does not provide hosting so you are purchasing hosting from another hosting provider and installing WordPress for free on that hosting and setting up your blog.

Then check out  ” what is the difference between Wix vs. Blogger vs. WordPress


Best Hosting

Choose a good hosting for your blog

If you want full ownership of your blog, then you choose, and if you accept that, then you require hosting.

Then you check the most reliable and cheap  hosting reviews.

I will discuss account creation and WordPress setup on A2 Hosting.

Hosting is a virtual machine that gets your blog online on the internet. That is a virtual system where you store your image, post, page, and code file, everything which you want to publish on your blog.

I am choosing A2 hosting. I’ll tell you why I recommend A2 hosting.

A2 Hosting has been stable since 2001 and provides honest and excellent service. Also, you will click a few clicks for A2 Hosting to purchase. (easily)

A2 Hosting is very cheap, with a 30 days money-back guarantee after your purchase date.

What is saying existing users 

All guys are satisfied and gives a positive reviews

Kat Sullivan

Really loving my service with A2 Hosting. The service is great. No outages like the former company I was with. Very straightforward account management. But the best part of A2, is the impeccable customer service. They know what they’re doing. They offer a killer product. And are a FORCE in this market. Highly recommend them.

Kathleen W.

“I’m happy with the support I have been receiving since I decided to host my site with A2. And when chat reps could not help, they submitted a support ticket. The email support has been great. I appreciate the help and will recommend A2 to others who need hosting!”

Travis H.

“I switched to A2 Hosting to power my WordPress website and link shortener around 6 months ago after having speed issues with my previous provider. The switchover was seemless, and if ever there has been a technical issue it has been fairly strait forward to get ahold of the A2 team to work it out, would highly recommend.”

All guys are satisfied and gives a positive reviews

So, Let’s start-

Choose Good Hosting for your website

You are looking for a discount right now.

Hurry up! A2 Hosting discount for you.

You get a special discount on your purchase click below ad or purchase with  magic links.

A2 Hosting plans and pricing

A2 hosting provides 4 plans concerning price and service. You choose as you require. But I want to share my opinion with you.

If you are beginners and want to cheap rate hosting and run only one website, you purchase a startup plan, but any possibilities you start more than one site, then I recommend that you choose a turbo boost plan.

But if you select a startup plan today and change your needs in the future, you upgrade plan.

Plan upgrade option available you can change any time.

Ok, I hope you are selecting plans according to your needs.

How to Start a blog in 2021

Click “Get started or plan name” button

You choose your domain name, or you can use an existing domain.

How to Start a blog in 2021

If you want to register your new domain on A2 hosting, you fill your red box domain. After filling the domain, then click the check button.

Like, This is your website address.

You know , and this is my website address.

You can choose any extension like org, net, co, or com, etc.

You select which you preferred domain extension.

Then click continue

How to Start a blog in 2021

You find in this plan, and the SSL certificate is free so that your website is secure. And you choose a plan for 1, 2, 3 years as you require.

After seeing all the details and you find ok, and you don’t want to change in this plan then check out.

Start a blog in 2021

A2 hosting asks your details so that you fill your details. After filling details, make payment.

Start a blog in 2021

Congratulations! You have good hosting for your website, which helps your site speed increase so that your ranking will increase.

After your purchase, you can log in on a2 hosting from the login form.

Start a blog in 2021

If you want to know more about A2 hosting

Then check out A2 hosting details



How to install WordPress and It’s step by step as a blog.

How to install WordPress and It’s step by step as a blog.

In this section, I will tell you about the WordPress install and blog step by step.

After you purchase hosting, then you log in on that hosting and open Cpanel and choose WordPress.

wordpress install

After choosing WordPress then open a window and update some settings you delete in the directory “wp” box, that box keeps empty.

And modify blog name and site description and press install button. After clicking you wait 5-10 minutes then install WordPress.

wordpress intall process

After installing WordPress, open a new window that mentions essential information.

That means-

WordPress dashboard login URL:

start blog

Your URL:

These two URLs are essential.


How to Start a blog in 2022 from scratch {step by step guide}

Change your default blog’s theme to the best and fast loading theme

Great now, you have a WordPress blog with a default theme.

The default theme is looking good but not SEO optimized, so this is quite not good for blogging.

Your default theme is good, and You start blogging with this theme. Your blog design and speed are to grab your visitor as well as your content.

Many themes are available on WordPress for free and paid. But most pro-bloggers and I also use the 

I like generatepress themes and use all my blogs. Generatepress gives you more customized options.

But most of the free themes do not give you customization options so that you can change your blog design.

If you don’t want to use a premium theme for your blog then you use a free theme, I will tell you how to find a free theme for your blog.

Enter the WordPress dashboard URL in your browser.

Wordpress deshboard login page

And enter your WordPress username and password. After filling both, then click login.

Then click    Appearance>>Theme

choose appearance

Now click add a new button.

Now open the window and scroll down and choose the theme you like; you can search above which you want the theme.

Choose upload

Then you click the install button and install that theme after installing which you then click the active button.

After activating that theme, you visit your blog and check what your blog looks like.


Best wordpress plugin

Choose Important Plugins

I will recommend you the best plugin which uses pro bloggers.

#1 Akismet:- This plugin is to protect your website from spam comments and contact forms.

#2 Table of Content:- Automatically add a table of content on your page and post.

#3 Broken link checker:- This plugin is checked on your blog site for broken link analysis.

#4 Onesingnal push Notification:- Active this plugin and send notification free and fast to your active user.

#5 Pretty link:- If you are doing affiliate marketing, you must use this plugin.

#6 Rankmath SEO:- You do on-page SEO efficiently with the help of this plugin.

#7 Social Snap:- You make a social share button and toolkit by social snap.

#8 Thrive Architect (Paid):- If you want to create an attractive page and post, you can use it. If you use this, you can remove many plugins like contact form, table of content, etc.

#9 Thrive Leads:- This is capturing your lead by lead capture form.

#10 WP Rocket:- This plugin is used for your blog site speed increase

#11 Updraft Plus:- This plugin very important, You create your blog backup and store on your google drive for free.

Congratulations, your blog step is finished 

FAQs for start a blog


Guys, I hope you understand “how to start a blog.”

If you have any doubt then tell me, I will clear your doubt and better guide you.

If you like my article, please share my article if you share my article on your social media with your friends.

Thanks for reading.