Nowadays, an email is most important for everyone, no matter whether a person has any profession, like a student, businessman, any private company or government employee, digital marketer, or blogger. The big challenge is how to choose good email names. You can find in this post email name ideas and dos and don’t.

An email is recognized as your identity like your identity by your government. And show your identity to others and ask for your requirements. Email also has an identity which represents you as an online identity.  

But when you create an email, you must know about it, that means how to choose its username, and what is dos and what is don’t.

If you create a random email name that is not good for your impression. You should first create your email in the right way and if you want to create mail for general purposes, like a mention on a resume, Jobs, social sites, etc. So you make it easy to remember. That mail is called a personal email address.

Just think about if you have a crafted mail ID and you send mail to your client and create a beautiful follow-up reminder mail or multiple offers for your leads. But you don’t make conversions from your email campaign.

Do you know why?

Choose Good Email Names

Because when your receptor opens your mail, he first sees your mail name. If he found your mail name is not professional crafted, that means this is not a trusted account.

Important Points for Cool Email Name

When you choose the perfect email address, you must know about how to choose the best email usernames for yourself, email clients, and business. You careful blow points.

1. The Right First impression on the receiver

2. Minimize the risk of moving your email into a spam folder

3. Make credibility and trust your email receiver

4. Build relationships for future communication

5. Use a good email hosting service

Important points of good emails

We discuss “how to create or pick a good email”, but before discussing, I will tell you some important points of a good email.

When you create a professional email address, you must understand the below points –

1. You choose a first name and last name with comprise

2. You must be careful that it is shorter, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce.

3.  You create email accounts named by underscore, hyphens, special characters and extra dots.

4. You don’t use adjectives with names like handsome, pretty etc.

5. When you create a business email address, then you don’t use a nickname.

You must care about all points when creating a good and valid email address. But you think if ideal email names are not available, then what can you do?

In this post I will discuss that

What is the email address name?

Email-id is your digital address. Email is your digital identity, where people connect with you. And communicate with you. Emails have three parts. If you take an example –

  • Username (john.smith)
  • Symbol ‘@.’
  • And a domain (, and your business domain)

How to choose good email names in 2022?

If you want to pick a good email address, then you first decide that you should choose your own custom domain name, or you should go with a free email service provider. When you choose a free email service, then it isn’t easy because sometimes it is not available, or you don’t have the knowledge to create a good email address.

If you want to create a free email address, you should choose Google, Yahoo, and Outlook. But most of the good email names are already taken.

If you have your own domain name or website, then you can create a free email to create a very easy like – username@domain.extension.

And if you want to create an email address with a custom domain name, then you can choose the email name as you like.

Here I will see both methods step by step.

1. Free email service provider

2. Email ID with custom domain

How to make good email address names for yourself?

If you want to make email addresses for personal use, like resumes, personal communication, etc. So you can create email addresses with free email providers like GmailYahoo MailOutlook, etc.

But if you want to choose your own good email address, it may not be easy because many usernames are already registered. If you want, a good email address may not be available.

So I recommend that you choose a free email provider who is not very famous.

I will suggest some points which you should remember when you create a good email for personal use.

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Use first name initials

When you create a mail name, you use your first name, first letters, and last name combined with a dot or underscore.

I will give you some example-


Use the last name initials

You can also create a first name and last name first letter combined with dots or underscores and create a good mail.

Use first and last names

If you use the full name, you must use a dot or underscore between the first and last names. This type of email ID looks professional, but it sure doesn’t long, that means don’t use more than 15 characters.

If you use 15 characters, that type of email ID is easy to remember.

Valid use of prefix or suffix with name

You also use your prefixes and suffixes like ms, Mr, Mrs, and your post or degrees like Er- engineer, Dr.-doctor, pro.- professor, etc. You use your prefix and name combined with a dot or underscore.

Avoid using numbers

Friends, if you create a personal email ID, don’t use a number; this is not good for creating an email ID.

If you don’t have an option to create without a number, then you use only one or two numbers. That type of email is easily memorable, and this is a good thing.

How to make a professional email address for business

When you run a business, you don’t have to do it online or offline. But you must have an email for communication with customers and your business partner.

If you have a professional email ID, that looks good.

Here I will show you “how to create a professional email address with your own custom domains?”

If you don’t have a website, and you want only a professional email address, then you should choose a mail service provider like Zoho mail, Improvmax etc. If you have a business website, and you want to create email IDs, then you can create a business email on cPanel.

Create an email with your custom domains

When you make an email for your business, then you must use your custom domain.

The best thing is you create an email with your domain.

Like –

First you log in to your cPanel or your hosting dashboard.

professional email address

Then you choose email accounts and open the email account creation option.

email accounts

Here, select your domain names if there are more than one and press tab and choose email aliases and create an email password (email encryption).

email account

When you open your email, which is created by cPanel, a two-way

1) webmail/yourdomain and

2) yourdomain/webmail,

Email service provider

you write one of them in your browser address box.

Use dot and/or underscore with your email

When you create an email ID, then you use a dot (.) or underscore (_) between the first and last words.

Don’t use the hyphen in your business email

If you want to create a good email ID, then you don’t use hyphens like [email protected]. It is very confusing and difficult to remember. Thus, you do not use hyphens.

Avoid numbers in your email

If you create an email ID, you must avoid using numbers because it is not a professional method.

But if you have to use a number, then only use one or two numbers, because if you use more numbers, that email is not easily memorable.

How to write a good email

When you create good business email accounts, then you write an email for your business, then you must write an email that is eye-catching and also include a professional email signature. Email writing is grammatical errors free.

Golden rules of email address names

When you create an email address, then you must follow the below rules.

They must not have more than 15 characters.
Don’t use numbers; if required, then use only one or two numbers.
Don’t use a hyphen,
use a dot or underscore between two words.
Don’t create complicated email address usernames.
Don’t use any symbols between usernames like- #, $, %, &,



I hope you understand what good email names are, and it will help you to choose a good email ID for your business or personal email. Using.

You must consider picking an email username for your personal email address, or a custom email address. Because email is an asset which is a first impression of your email receiver and helps you to communicate in the future.

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