Best WordPress backup plugins that will help you to create an automated backup of your WordPress site and restore it if you lose your data under any conditions.

If you are a blogger, and you write beautiful content and set up an eye — catching blog, and also you work with full dedication on your blog, but there are some issues, you lose your blog content and layout which you created.

How do you feel?

Bad, I think right.

When you set up your WordPress website or blog, then you know what the theme is and what a plugin. Is

When you set up your blog on WordPress, then you use different-different plugins. Every plugin has different-different features.

That means some plugins used for design pages and post layout, some capture leads for you and some help to you make your blog fast. Loading. When you start a blog, you think about On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO and content creation, etc.

And when all is set up well, then you must store your blog backup files saved locally or in cloud storage.

When you create your blog automatic backups, then you have two ways-

1. You can buy a backup subscription from your hosting provider.

2. You can use one more plugin on your WordPress website. When you use the WordPress backups plugin, then you are able to store your website backup files automatically on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis, you can set as you wise.

Backup plugins are one of the most useful for your WordPress website.

In this post, I will tell you about the most common, useful and best WordPress backup plugins.

Understanding the importance of Backups

If you create a blog or website, then you choose a code base platform or CMS (Content Management System), but I tell you that most bloggers or websites use a CMS platform.

When you decide to use CMS, then you must know which CMS platform is most used in the world and which is easy to use.

Here I tell you that, no doubt, “WordPress” is the most used in the world, also easy to use and if you use that CMS, then you can design as you like with the help of a plugin.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins


When you use WordPress for your blog or website, then your blog is a little at risk because you can use bad plugins, bad hosting which is possible to crash, your website hacks, theme update, plugin update, WordPress CMS update, security flows etc.

After you face any type of problem on your website, then you lose your website data and also lose your effort and time. If you want to save time and effort, then you should create a backup of your blog or website with your WordPress backup plugins.

You must create backup WordPress sites as you wish, like on a daily basis, monthly basis or yearly basis and store that backup on Google Drive (google cloud storage), AWS, FTP servers, etc.

What are backups?

If I define backup in one line, that you create a copy of your work which you do. That means when you do work, you create a copy for use in the future before any miss happens, like deleting your original work, or crashing your work. Then very helpful your copy to reconstruct your work. That is backup.

In other words, you can store all the tasks which you did before you take a carbon copy for use in the future backup.

If I define it as website related backup, that means you are allowed to generate back up your full or partial backup and store your desired location.

Types of backups

There are two types.

One is full website backup and the second is partial backup.

1. Full website backup-

In this type of backup, you can create database backup and website backup in one file and schedule daily backups or monthly backups and store that website backup on cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, S3 etc.

2. Partial Backup-

In this type of backup, you can create a backup file separately. That means you create database backup and website backup in two different files and store them in your storage location with two different files.

This type of backup is used when you only require database backup or backend file backup.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Hear I discuss with you some great free WordPress backup plugins. There are both a premium version and a free version. You can use the free or premium version which you like to use on your WordPress websites.

1. Backup Guard

best backup plugins for wordpress

BackupGuard is the best WordPress backup plugin for creating your WordPress website backup and storing it on cloud base storage.

It is easy to use for creating a backup and restoring. Its Backup plugin has free and premium versions. If you want to create a free WordPress backup, then you can use this plugin. If you want to schedule automatic backups and that backup you want to store automatically in your cloud storage, then you can do that with the backupguard plugin.


  • BackupGuard plugin design for the WordPress website.
  • Backup, restore, and migration are all things you can do.
  • Schedule automatic backups
  • upload to major cloud storage like- Google Drive, S3, Dropbox, one drive, pCloud, etc
  • Your full backup to restore your website
  • Lifetime used for free


  • Limited feature for free version
  • Only Dropbox is used for backup storage in the free version.
  • Migration is not available in the free version

2. UpdraftPlus

best plugins to backup wordpress

UpdraftPlus is widely used as the WordPress website backup plugin. It is the most popular in the blogger community. UpdraftPlus offers a pro version as well as a free version but with limited feature.

If you want to use the free version, then you can also create scheduled automatic backups, manual backup and restore your WordPress backup on your website. UpdraftPlus gives options to store many types of cloud storage to store your backup, but it limits when you use the free version. If you use the paid version, then use all features of updraftplus.


  • Highest rating backup plugin
  • Schedule backups separately database backup and website file backup.
  • Support all major cloud storage
  • Scheduled backups manually and automatically (4, 8, 12 hourly, daily, weekly etc.)


  • Limited feature in free version
  • Publicly ads for the free version

3. BackupBuddy

free wordpress backup plugin

BackupBuddy is also a WordPress backup plugin. The Itheme was introduced BackupBuddy in 2010. BackupBuddy setups so easy, and it’s also having free, but you get only some generic feature and if you want to use more feature of backup buddy then you must get its premium WordPress backup plugin feature.


  • You can schedule automatic backups
  • Option available for full backup or partial backup
  • It’s support many online storage options
  • You can be able to quick and easy restore your website.
  • You get its cloud storage with it’s paid plans
  • The process is very smooth.


  • It’s fail to large backup
  • Limited option in the free version
  • It is high cost for one year- $80 for one website and one year.

4. JetPack Backup

backup plugins

Jetpack is also one of the popular plugins. You can use it for website security and backup too. The backup feature is not available for free. After you buy the pro version and connect your website with your jetpack account, then you are able to schedule an automated backup

Jetpack is a premium WordPress plugin which gives you cloud storage to store your website backups.


  • Real-time backup, so all changes are saved as backup.
  • One year, website changed. Log
  • Daily scan and backup
  • Unlimited storage


  • No free backup plan available
  • Limited cloud storage option

5. BoldGrid Backup

backup plugins

It gives you the option that you create your entire website backup manually or automatically and when you switch host or crash your website, then restore the backup and your website live with your own data.

One click to restore your backup and Boldgrid is the most powerful full feature to protect update… like if any WordPress, theme, or plugin update fails, then its rollback and automatic restore last backup and live your website.


  • Automatic rollback if the site crashes
  • Easy to migrate
  • Update Controller
  • Customize Backups


  • Only the SFTP/FTP option is available for restoring backup file in a free version.
  • Update history is not available in free version.

FAQ for the best backup plugin


I hope the above-mentioned article will help you find the best WordPress backup plugin for your site.  Automated WordPress backup plugins help you to restore your site in case of any issue or even if you want to revert your website to its previous state.

All WordPress backup plugins have pros and cons which help you to decide to choose the best backup plugin for you.