You are a new blogger, and you want to get more traffic on your blog. And you want backlinks checker tools.

And you beat your competitor, and you get rank on the first page of search engine. But it would help if you focused on your backlinks as well as your competitor’s backlinks also.

But you don’t make low quality links that means you don’t make spammy links for your websites.

So you think about how to create high quality links, you can create links by using some useful link building strategies like

  1. Broken links strategy
  2. Quality link profile

Don’t worry, and I will help you find your competitor, backlink and many more.

Let’s start. When you make a blog or website, then you want to rank on the search engine.

Then you try to do SEO on our blog or website.

And when apply SEO, you follow two types of SEO strategy on-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Images alt, many more. You can use an on-page SEO plugin on your WordPress website.

You write a blog post that time you focus on its on-page SEO like inbound links, focus organic keywords,

When you do off-page SEO, you want to create powerful and useful authority backlinks.

The backlink creation strategy is to find your competitor sites, then find his backlink source later, try to create backlink all sources.

If you want to find the backlink of your competitor website, you have the required backlinks checker tools.

Today I tell you 10+ backlinks checker tools. And some tools are free, and some tools are paid.

First, I tell you backlink makes is a different way. You can create backlinks by profile creation, blog commenting, guest post, and backlink exchange.

Let’s tell about famous backlinks checker tools-


This tool is very famous and a favourite among digital marketers and bloggers. Ahrefs is given much information about your competitor.

And you track your competitor about his backlink and ranking keyword and many more.

But here, I will tell you about these backlinks checker features.

Ahref uses many features, but I like it for it’s feature to backlink checker.

Because it’s data quality for track link, that is the crawl of web and matrics, which is giving that is very accurate.

“Ahref is semi-free backlink checker tools that means this is show limit 100 first backlinks in free account.” Aherfs free backlink checker tool limitation.

Backlinks checker tools

Ahrefs give 7 days trial account; then, after 7 days, you can buy or cancel your account before 7 days.

Ahref shows the total number of backlinks that you can examine one by one and ensure that satisfied with its quality.

You can see depth link analysis that means you can see new and lost links, complete link counts, domain links, link per domain, do-follow and no-follow links with its using advanced link filtering features.

Ahrefs is a paid tool. You can buy the ahrefs tool at a low price. Today we will see in this post. There are many backlink checker tools that it’s helpful to you.


The first visit to the homepage of Lonkody, then click on backlink checker, then open backlink checker page.

“Linkody is checked backlink automatically, and this is never checked backlink manually.” That is a free account screenshot here, with some limitations.


Suppose you can set up your website for a backlink monitor. That tool gives you alter for your lost backlink that you contact that website ower.

Linkody shows all single backlinks for every domain.

If you check your competitor’s backlink that which website makes a backlink for his website, you try to make a strategy for your website to make a backlink on all domain that your competitor already makes backlinks.

Moz Link Explorer

That old name is Open site explorer, But now is Moz Link explorer.

That tool one of the favorite of the digital marketer.

This tool a good for website overview of its links, but Moz link explorer goes further. You are making a report by this tool. You are facing each link, and you add to the link URL itself. So you can also review all information such as-

  • DA
  • PA
  • Spam Score
  • Anchor Text


That tool link index is minimal, and it links data that was very old, not a refresh data.

there are five primary way to use for Moz backlinks checker-

  • Discovered and lost the linking domain and backlinks.
  • Top linking domain
  • Top ranking keywordsTop searching competitors
  • Compare link profiles

If your importance is speed, accuracy, and quality, then you can never make a disappointment.

Buzz Sumo

Buzz sumo is a full paid tool. This tool is an offer for free use for 30 days.

By this tool, you are motoring your competitor backlinks, but it’s data also very old, which means you had hard to find which website links your competitor recently.

Buzz sumo

Buzz sumo tool also shows your social engagement count per link.

Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is also a free tool for backlinks checker.

Open Link Profiler

When you use open link profiler, then you have many options check backlinks for your blog and your competitor blog. That tool is totally free; you want your website or competitor website detail report or optimization. If you want to check the full website or single blog backlinks and diagnosis all links, you can do from open link profiler tool.

Open Link Profiler

You can check from open link profiler tool 

  • Unique links
  • Link to Homepage
  • Trusted links

You Can download all backlinks in .csv formate and analysis all links anchor tag and target page also.


Semrush tool is prevalent in between loggers and digital marketers. I have also used this tool.


Before I discussed its link checking feature, I must mention that semrush is a complete SEO tool which is you need to do your website or blog.

Backlinks checker

Semrush has accurate display data that is updated daily. That means you want to know about your website or blog backlink that tool provides actual data of your website backlinks and your competitor also.

Link Miner

You are thinking about backlinking analysis and final opportunities.

If yes, you are some items that you can do with link minor in a natural way.

Link Miner

  • Analyze all backlinks with details
  • You can see all backlink by category.
  • See link strength.
  • Mark backlink as favourites.

Cognitive SEO

Many marketing tools available in cognitive SEO tool, which is helpful to you that you can grow up your blog and business.

Cognitive SEO

But I tell you in this post about its backlink checker feature. This is not a popular tool like Aherfs and Moz, but it’s every feature is powerful.

For instance, if you can enable its alert system to create trigger and notification for your competitor website, then it’s delivered directly in your inbox.

This tool provides simply view your backlinks. Which is include real-time data, growth trend, historical information and so on.

cognitive SEO tools

In this tool you examine information-

  • Link velocity
  • Breakdown of each link
  • No follow vs Do follow.
  • breakdown of include link
  • Domain influence

If you want to experiment with cognitive SEO tool, that has offered for free.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO tool has an offer for strong backlinks profile; this is one of the biggest brands of the online world.

This use is very simple and enters your URL on this tool then it searches for you many websites.

Majestic SEO

This tool shows a lot of the number backlink you can divide your time slot to work everyone.

The number of backlinks you can also check other vital details.

  • Referring domain
  • Referring IPs
  • Referring Subnets
  • All of these helps you better understand backlinks profiles.


    Q1. How do I check backlinks to my site?

    You can check your backlinks which is indexed. You can use backlink checker tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc.

    Q2. How can I check my backlinks for free?

    Yes, You can check your website links using free link checker tools like Ahrefs (free with some limitations), others free links checker tools.

    Q3. How do you check if a backlink is indexed?

    When your website links are index, then you use backlinks checker tools and see all authority links.

    Q4. How do I check my backlinks on Google?

    First, your website link with google search console and verify your website and login your google search console dashboard and click on links (which is mention on the left sidebar).

    Q5. Do follow backlinks checker?

    You can use the semrush and Ahrefs tool to do-follow backlinks checking.

    Q6. Is Ahref free?

    No, Ahrefs is not a free tool, but some feature with limitations are free.

    Q7. What is backlink in SEO?

    Backlinks are one of the SEO parameters, which is helping to improve your website in search engine.

    Q8. How do I check backlinks?

    You can use the backlinks checker tool, which is available in a paid and free.

    Q9. Which SEO tool is best for finding backlinks of website?

    If you want to update the list of backlinks of your website, you must use Semrush or Ahrefs tool, but both are paid tools.

    Q10. How do I find my competitors backlinks?

    You can use the most popular backlinks checker tool Serush to find your competitor backlinks.

    Conclusion about best Backlinks checker tools in 2021

    You must track your website links and avoid the google links penalty. Because if you make links with the spammy website, then the most possibility that your website is penalized by google.

    If your website is penalized, you can use the Google disavow tool to remove all spammy website links and remove the Google penalty.