Affiliate Booster theme review means what is best for affiliate blog and what has affiliate booster theme and plugin unique feature. Why do you use it?

Affiliate Booster theme and plugin is the best WordPress theme and best WordPress plugin. If you want to start an affiliate blog or site, then you have trouble finding the best WordPress theme for your blog. Because if you select the wrong theme, then your blog speed, user experience and some code errors

So you must choose a good theme and plugin. I will discuss in that post about one of the amazing WordPress themes and plugins.

About Affiliate Booster theme review in brief

Affiliate Booster is one of the best WordPress themes and plugins. It was created by Kulwant nagi in 2020. He is the best affiliate marketer in India, If you want to know his successful story, you can read kulwant nagi interview on my blog.

Affiliate Booster was specially made for affiliate marketers and Kulwant Nagi uses his 10 years of affiliate marketing experience while creating that theme and plugin. All assets include the theme which is required to create a blog and publish posts and review products. 

Affiliate Booster is lightweight, fast loading and has many customized options which are needed for every affiliate blog. The Affiliate Booster theme is created by HTML, CSS and JavaScript code and all the code is well optimized, so it is fast because it is less use your hosting resources.

I have been using Affiliate Booster and plugin from its initial version that the theme is very heavy, so loading time is very high. But now Affiliate Booster is an ultra-fast theme after hard work by Kulwant Nagi.

Can I choose Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin for my blog?

Yes, if you want to create a good and SEO optimized blog. You can create a well organized and good-looking blog without compromised your blog speed, because if you use any post creator plugin, then your blog load speed may be high, so your blog’s SEO ranking down.

When I started my blog,, I used Generatepress Premium Theme. It is also very good for every website. It is also a lightweight and fast loading theme, but I shifted my blog to Affiliate Booster them because it provides many custom blocks pre-define like Author bio, customization option on menu and header.

I bought the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin on July 10, 2020. It was initially lunch with good features, so I decided to move to Affiliate Booster Theme.

Affiliate Booster

Affiliate Booster theme features

Affiliate Booster theme has many features which other themes provide by adding new HTML code and CSS code, but Affiliate Booster has pre — defined blocks. Here, define one by one block which makes your blog good-looking and very fast loading.

Schema Optimized

Do you know about schema markup? 

A Schema, in general word, schema is a set of order to arrange all items on each page in a hierarchy. If you want to start a blog or site, then you should think about SEO. The schema is a feature in advanced SEO.

Structure Data

Without a schema, very hard to understand search engine bots, so your blog show on SERP is very difficult because search engines capture all the information from HTML code. If your theme item is not organized, then your ranking may not be good.

Ultra Fast Loading

Google introduced that page loading speed is a ranking factor in the July 2018 update. Nowadays, Google promotes mobile surfing, and its main focus is on mobile — responsive websites where website load time is fast that websites rank high on the Google search engine.


If you want to rank on Google, then you must focus on your blog page load time. It is only possible to optimize your website code or use a good optimized WordPress theme. Many free themes are available on the WordPress repository. But I recommend only two themes. The first theme is Affiliate Booster and the second is Generatepress Premium Theme. If you have any doubt, then you should first use affiliate Booster free version and then use paid.

Affiliate Booster Theme is a lightweight theme because it writes very well — optimized code. I am using Affiliate Booster. You see my blog speed.

Affiliate Booster Review
Linksblaster loading Speed

Typography and Color Control

When you create blogs with a different niche, then you like all item texts have different font family, font size and decoration.

Affiliate booster themes provide a good deal of typography and color option for customizing your blog and making it look good.

Page Builder friendly

The Affiliate Booster theme also supports any page builder. If you want to use thrive architect or Elementor page builder, you can use this without any errors.

Thrive architect is one of the most popular and good page builders that makes your work easy, so you create a good page within a minute.

But if you are buying affiliate booster theme and plugin then you don’t required and page builder. I must say you don’t use any page builder on your main blog because all page builder makes your page speed slow.

More compatible with AdSense

If your blog has a Google AdSense approved account, and you want to show Google Ads and also place any banner ads on your blog, because affiliate booster has many custom options like above title ads, below title Ads, content ads and footer widget show as you like footer column one, footer column two, footer column fourth, main sidebar, you can place your ads where you want and increase your earning from ads. 

If you use affiliate booster affiliate marketing theme, then there is no need to use an ad placing plugin. And increase your blog SEO.

Google SEO Score

SEO makes your website easy to crawl by search engine bots and helps to make your website show on top of the SERP If you create a good SEO optimized blog, then your blog will definitely show on Google’s first page.

Nowadays, most themes are claimed as being SEO optimized, but you can see the affiliate booster theme’s Google SEO score is 99 out of 100. You can check your theme SEO score from

SEO score

Mobile Responsive

Mobile responsive website means which websites are automatically adjusted to screen size. Website content automatically fits without any error on different screen size.

Mostly web surfing on mobiles in the world, so Google focuses on which website is open on mobile without any error.  Then you must use a 100% mobile — responsive WordPress theme.

If you don’t use mobile responsive theme then mobile user open your blog and found is not good user experience then quite and increase your bounce rate and lose your Google ranking.

Responsive themes help you to make your blog a good user experience and reduce your bounce rate and increase your ranking. It is the best feature for the SEO aspect. And your blog is SEO-friendly.

Affiliate Booster

Easy Customization Option

Affiliate Booster is basically created for affiliate marketing websites. So the creators main focus is on theme customization, which is most required for Amazon affiliate marketing websites, affiliate marketing products, affiliate program websites.

That theme has a good number of customization options on every section, You can log in to your dashboard and use easy and understandable customization features.

Homepage/Archive Page

You can customize your home page with pre-design 12 templates. Which will help you to design a good-looking home page and archive pages.

Single Post Customization

You can also choose from its single post layout designs and customize your single post layout like you want to show on your page author name, post publish date, categories etc.

Global Typography

You can choose all Google and web safe font size, color, style and transformation for your entire blog. But if you want to change your text font family, size, style and color for individual segments, then you can do this.

Global Color Palette

The Affiliate booster theme has advanced level color customization options. You can customize the theme color in a global color palette, like background color, button color, hover color etc.

Global Button Settings

You can apply perfect style on a button and design the best button and use it on your entire blog.  But if you want a custom design for a particular button, then you can design as you want. That means customization is also available for every button.

Global Container width

Affiliate Booster theme gives a customized option for you to set your parameters for container and use the entire website. If you set your global container, and you can also set the container size for individual post or page.

Color Options

If you are building any blog or site, then you want to fill in color on background, text, hover, and border etc. Affiliate Booster gives you more color options like solid, linear gradient, circle gradient colors.

4 Menu Options

Affiliate booster theme gives you a flexible menu option with 4 menu options. You have the option to place your menu above the header, primary menu, secondary menu and footer menu, which helps your readers to navigate your blog. 

Author Bio Control

If you design any blog then you want to add author bio, but most of the theme don’t have pre-block for add author bio but affiliate booster theme has pre-block to add author bio on entire blog posts and pages. 

Disclaimer Option

If you are running any affiliate marketing blog, then you must add affiliate disclosure because you add your affiliate link to most of the posts for sales of other products.

You have a flexible position for adding a disclaimer block. You can add it above title, below title or after content area.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Feature

Here I will share my experience with the affiliate booster plugin and also tell you about its features. If you are using Affiliate Booster theme with the affiliate booster plugin, then your blog or site is fast loading on mobile. The Affiliate Booster plugin has 20+ blocks for designing attractive blogs or site. Let’s discuss its features.

Single Product Block

When you write an affiliate article on your blog, then you define one or more than one product, so you want to add a product review block and define your affiliate product with good visual design.

Single Product review block

Pros and Cons Block

You can define the pros and cons of any product with an attractive style. If you use the affiliate booster plugin, then you can add pros and cons blocks with an attractive style, It provides many styles of pros and cons block.

Pros and Cons

List Item Block

If you want to insert list content, then you use the affiliate Booster list item block. You can add an eye-catchy list item block design with a custom icon. You can add a list with any icon from icon list as per your requirements.

List Blocks

  • Write bullet point
  • Write bullet point
  • Write bullet point
  • Write bullet point
AB Icon list

Notification Block

If you want to show any highlights or any notification for your reader, then you can show them with this block. You can add this block on your affiliate post and write your message which you want to show on your post.

This is notification block which is provide Affiliate Booster plugin

Here are notification block examples. You can customize its background color, text color etc.

Comparison Table Block

When you write a product review blog post, then you sometimes add comparisons with other product features. Affiliate Booster plugin provides eye-catching comparison style blocks. You can add an AB comparison block to your affiliate content.

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Good Bad Feature Block

With the Good Bad feature block, you can define your affiliate product’s good and bad feature with attractive and engaging blog with more information of your product. 

Main Title

Affiliate Booster Deals

The Good

  • Ultra-fast Theme
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Good for affiliate blog
  • 99/100 Google SEO rank
  • More customize options
  • Google AdSense friendly

The Bad

  • Improve Mobile view
  • Other bad feature not found

Which plan do you choose?

Affiliate Booster has three plans and all three plans have the option of buying only the affiliate booster plugin or both the affiliate booster plugin and theme. But if you want to perfect post design, then you must buy both.

I think which plan you want totally depends upon you. But I can suggest you that if you want to create a single affiliate website, then you buy only a single site license, but if you plan multiple affiliate blogs, then you can buy a multiple site license which is available on 25 sites and 50 sites.

You must decide how many affiliate blogs you want to create, then you decide plans.

Procs and Cons


  • Ultra-fast loading speed
  • Easy to customization options
  • 6 heading designs
  • Schema optimized theme
  • 100% Gutenberg compatible
  • 12 Home Page and Archive designs
  • 5 single — post layout design
  • Pre-define disclaimer block
  • 4 type menu options 
  • Pre-define Author bio block


  • Mobile view improvement



In this post, I define my experience with affiliate Booster theme and plugin and also define its unique features and pros and cons. I am using the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin from 2020. It is continuous improving and is now becoming an awesome theme for affiliate marketers.

I used Generatepress theme, That is also one of the best themes for everyone because Generatepress is a lightweight theme, so it is also fast loading and use any type of site.

But I shifted my blog to affiliate Booster theme because it has many pre-define blocks which are most required for any affiliate program website, and you can easily add these blocks to your blog without any custom coding and without affecting page loading speed.

So I decided to move on Affiliate Booster theme. And when do you move your blog to affiliate Booster theme? If there is any confusion, then download the free version and use it. If you are satisfied, then move to the paid version.