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I am Braj Bhooshan and started my blog, linksblaster.com. I am passionate about learning and teaching digital marketing. If I can help you, then I will be happy.

I started my first blog in 2018, but I felt not growing that blog due to lack of knowledge. But I am learning continuously and all the learning to be applied on my new blog, which is created by copying and past content. That blog is now live, but I rarely work that blog, www.thegreatbiography.com.

Then I finally started my blog www.linksblaster.com on 25th April 2020 at corona time and I worked on it. The starting time it was hosted on Mewnix, but unfortunately, my blog was deleted on 23 November 2020 by hosting provider Mewnix.

Then I was very sad and recovered my content from Google and stopped working on it for about 6 months, but now I am working on it continuously.


Why I am starting Linksblaster and why I am choosing that name?

I started a blog to share my knowledge and gain your love. When I started that blog, I was thinking about what I would publish and what content would help my friends who visit my blog.

I will publish content about link building, AdSense, Blogging platform, and product reviews. Which helps you to choose good products and improve your blog or sites, and also learn about digital marketing and email marketing.

I chose the blog name “linksblaster” because I want to maintain my connection with my visitors and YouTube channel subscribers and always communicate with them by video, chat, email, post, YouTube video comment and live on YouTube and live webinar.

I am building a community for digital markers, bloggers, SEO, and entrepreneurs. If you have any questions related to blogging, digital marketing and SEO, ask me, I will give you a solution.

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